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Serum Electrolyte

1. No special preparation required

  • 15 minutes
  • 250 Indian rupees
  • No 29 Gandhi Main Road

Service Description

What is Serum Electrolyte? Electrolytes are minerals which are present in the blood and body tissues. They are essential for metabolism, for proper nerve and muscle functioning, for maintenance of proper water balance, and proper blood pH (acid-base balance). The serum electrolyte test includes a group of tests to measure the following electrolytes: Sodium (Na+), Potassium (K+) and Chloride (Cl-). Symptoms such as nausea, confusion, weakness and irregular heartbeat might indicate serum electrolyte imbalance. Why is Serum Electrolyte done? The Serum Electrolyte Test is performed: • As a part of a routine health checkup • To assess problems in the water and pH balance of the body • As a part of the checkup to diagnose kidney diseases • Upon the appearance of symptoms indicating neuromuscular conditions like muscular weakness, irregular heartbeats or cardiac arrhythmia, etc. • At regular intervals to monitor the progress of condition and treatment efficacy while undergoing treatment for hypertension, kidney diseases, and metabolic acidosis • To monitor patients who are receiving diuretic therapy, intravenous fluids, or dialysis What does Serum Electrolyte Measure? The serum electrolyte test measures the following electrolytes: • Sodium (Na+) • Potassium (K+) • Chloride (Cl-) Electrolytes play an important role in a number of body functions like metabolism, neuromuscular functioning, maintaining hydration and pH (acid-base balance). Electrolytes also help in the entry of nutrients into the cells and removal of waste products from the cells. Electrolytes carry an electrical charge, either negative or positive and exist as dissolved salts in blood and body tissues. The Serum Electrolyte test measures the following important electrolytes: Sodium (Na+) Sodium is an essential body electrolyte which, along with potassium, chloride, bicarbonate, etc., helps to maintain the normal fluid and pH balance of the body. It is also vital for cellular metabolism, and in the activ