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Prevention is better than cure

Rapid lifestyle changes in today’s world leads to a lot of lifestyle-related diseases like Diabetes, Heart Disease, Arthritis, Malignancies and such. People aim to maintain good health, we at Aaric Diagnostics help you in this regards with an all inclusive package of diagnosis and detailed reporting, as Master Health Checkup.

Please checkout our master health checkup packages below.

A full body checkup is a routine health screening test. The purpose of a full-body check is to know your overall health condition. The checkup process mainly focuses on the body’s main organs; heart, kidneys, liver and thyroid gland.

The full body check includes 54 different body tests, including blood tests, calcium deficiency tests and diabetes screening. The lab professionals will collect the samples at the ease of your home in a single visit.

The full body check is an annual process. You should get it done every year to ensure that your organs are in good health and functioning properly. The four main areas of concern in the full-body check are risk assessment, deficiency check, blood count check and function assessment of different body organs.

Full Body Checkup